Our Club

Properly trained, licensed coaches provide an environment for players to grow while remembering that they are still kids

Focused on player development through technical and tactical training, centered on a proven system that looks at the whole player and team. If you are looking for an affordable club to serve the best players in Northern Mississippi, we are the club for you.


Fall Season - August to November

Winter Training - November to February (optional and based on coaches discretion)

Spring Season - February to May

Most of our teams participate in indoor soccer during the winter, all optional. We understand the importance of family and try not to schedule anything on most holidays, Fall, and Spring break days.

For both Academy and Select teams, there are some additional costs associated with tournament registration, travel, uniform and coach's fees.


Teams are formed for players U10 and under. They are trained with licensed coaches which practice 2-3 times a week. Teams will compete in tournaments, mostly local. There may be 1 or 2 travel tournaments that take you out of town. The coaches may also hold friendlies with neighboring clubs. The goal is to work on technical training and start to apply some tactical components of the game. All academy players are also enrolled in the School of Excellence, which is included in the club fee. Academy players are also required to register for Hernando Recreational Soccer.


Teams at this age are playing at a higher level. We welcome new players throughout the season and place them onto teams. If there is space, or as practice players, depending on their abilities. It is our goal to put a player where they can see success in their development. Practices for players U12 and older are 3 times per week. It is important to attend all practices due to the high level of competition and commitment by players on the team. The select teams compete in 5-6 tournaments a season. All coaches at this level have higher level licensing and have been around the game for some time.